Michael Eggleton

Brand Strategist —

Canada / Australia

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environmental landscape photographer —

Michael Eggleton

Experienced senior marketer proven to effectively lead strategic marketing and brand positioning during times of business growth and operational change.

Over 10 years of experience building marketing & operations strategy, growing brands, and aligning product & market with organizational objectives throughout launch and re-launch life cycles. A deep technology background has proven valuable both within marketing teams as well as working alongside product & operations teams, guiding new product and feature-set decision making with the longer-term understanding of broader consumer strategy.

Alongside my brand & tech roots, years ago I picked up a film camera to feed the creative side. Since then, my work has been showcased in a wide range of mediums, including commissioned projects for print & magazines, tourism projects, in a cook book, and a series on my hometown of Brisbane hung in a gallery. Whether it is down the road or across the world, if I am heading out on a trip there's a high chance I have a camera or two by my side.

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